An Investigation into Common Experiences of Shame – KATRINA    CRAIG

Investigations into Common Experiences of Shame

A Visual Guide to Violence Against Women in Canada (in progress)

Every Six Days a Woman in Canada is killed by her intimate Partner. Indigenous Women are Six Times More Likely to be Killed Than any Other Ethnicity in Canada, 2017. Wool and Cotton

​70% of Spousal Violence in Canada is Not Reported to the Police, 2017. Cotton, 

In 2015 There Were 83 Intimate Partner Homicides in Canada. 67 Victims were Female, and 16 of Them Were Male, 2017. Silk and Cotton

​Love Poems From Past Lovers (in progress)

 You’re so Fucking Embarrassing, 2016. Cotton

You Don’t Settle Down With an Artist, 2016. Cotton

​Thoughts on bodies, appearance, and shame. The pressure and experience of learning how our physicality effects our interactions and life.

Socially Perpetuated Clear Cutting, 2016. Naturally Dyed Wool

He Teases You Because He Likes You: Feminist Coloring Book Perspective of Growing Up (available on Etsy)

​Stretch Marks: I Look Like I’ve Been Mauled By a Bear, 2015. Lycra Body Shaper and Cotton Thread

Religious Oppression // Security Risk // Asking for it : Attitudes of 2015. Naturally dyed wool and linen