I’m Katrina and I really love textiles. I love how they are integrated into our lives in the most intimate places, from our underwear to our grandmother’s quilt. I love how they can be used as a metaphor for how we interact with each other. The mindful processes used to make them which give time to think. How they can be used as a fine arts medium or a way to make a scarf to keep yourself warm. I love the rich history in every part of the world, and the exciting things makers are creating right now.

I’m a Textile Artist currently residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Originally from Prince Edward Island,  I attended Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textiles and Fashion. 

I explore textile history , techniques, contemporary art and some thoughts on my practice and adventures in my blog Life Woven. ​My art practice uses textile processes and materials to investigate interpersonal relationships. 

My practice is an expression of the physical and emotional experiences that are kept under the surface, revealed only to those who are closest. The attitudes of those around us impact what we choose to openly share, and that has an impact on how we feel about these experiences. 

 I use a variety of textile methods and materials in my practice, and these processes are often slow, repetitive and tedious. This labour is an important aspect of reflecting and understanding shared experiences. Recycled, donated, natural materials and vegetable based dyes are common in my work to soften the impact my practice has on the environment.