Feminist Futures at MAWA, Winnipeg Manitoba

I went to the MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art) Feminist Futures show, open to all MAWA’s members. 

I love MAWA’s member shows as they show the astounding versatility of women artists in Winnipeg! There were three standout textile pieces in the show. I love how represented textiles is in female-only shows. It’s nearly impossible to separate working with textiles and its relationship with gender. 

Show is open until Sept 29th 2017, with a Closing-Party on Sept 30th for Nuit Blanche. MAWA is located at 611 Main St Winnipeg Manitoba.

fullsizeoutput_1bfAnomalous Comminglers, Karen Wardle. Cotton Thread
This work is viceral, whimsical and has an incredibly dynamic shadow that I’m really digging.

fullsizeoutput_1bdLichen Ascending, Rachel Schappert. Amethyst, wild cucumer pod, beeswax, lichen, resin, thread, pins
What delicacy! It brings to mind a blooming flower on a rock face.


Prayer Flags for a Feminist Future, Sandra Brown. Mixed Media
It has been a long year for women all over the world, and Sandra’s Prayer Flags for a Feminist Future feels hopeful for the future.

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